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FAQS for clients

How do I get in touch?

Register a vacancy
Email Leiths List
Telephone +44 (0)1225 722983
Fax +44 (0)1225 722985

What is the process for getting a chef?

Complete the register a vacancy form, or email us and we will send you one. On receipt of a completed form, we contact suitable people and the position will appear on our website. We will then send you by email, CVs for your consideration. Interviews follow and trial cooking sessions if appropriate.

If an engagement is made agency fees are payable according to the schedule of fees. If the position is suitable for a student currently on a course with us, there is no agency fee.

How much will a chef cost?

This is dependent on the level of experience required. Freelance cooks will look at your requirements and discuss a fee with you. If you have a particular budget in mind, we can search for candidates within that price range. For an approximate guide, click on the sliding scale of rates.

What happens if the chef doesn’t work out?

This is very rare! However, fees for temporary placements are not normally refunded so where possible, we would send a replacement. For permanent positions there is a schedule of refunds according to the length of time in the position.

If I want to use the chef again for another booking, do I have to pay again?

Yes you do! Contact Leith List. Cooks keep us in touch with regard to repeat bookings.

If the chef I want to hire needs to travel to the job who is responsible for travel expenses?

Generally, you will be charged for travel expenses, parking/congestion fees etc. Mileage will be charged at a pre-agreed rate. If planes, trains or a hire cars are involved these are usually arranged by the client. In some circumstances it may be easier for the cook to deal with this, in which case prompt reimbursement would be expected.

If I need the chef to do the shopping or arrive with dishes already prepared, is this possible?

Yes, this is generally not an issue – prompt reimbursement would be expected.

A member of my family has special dietary requirements can this be catered for?

Yes. Just supply a clear brief to the cook so that menus can be adapted accordingly.

How do I know what level of experience I will require for the job I want to advertise?

Click on About our chefs for a guide. Or discuss with Alison or Sarah at Leiths List – +44 (0)1225 722983.

Will the chef be able to supply waiting staff and equipment hire?

Many cooks have access to waiting staff and will be able to organise china and glasses etc as an extra cost to the menu.

Will the chef need to use my kitchen for food preparation?

For one-off events the majority of the food preparation is done off-site. The dishes may well be finished off in your kitchen depending on the size and nature of the event.

I am looking for a chef to cater for a dinner party for only a small number of people, is this possible?

Of course! We can find cooks who can cater for any number of guests.

How much notice do you need to be able to find me a chef?

If we have cooks in your area short notice may not be a problem.

What happens if I have booked a chef and then need to cancel?

Agency fees are payable once a cook has been assigned to you. With regard to the cook, they will have their own terms and conditions so cancellation fees may well be due particularly in the case of short notice or where ingredients have been bought or preparation has already been done.

FAQS for chefs

I am a chef looking for work, can I register with Leiths List even though I haven’t done a Leiths course?

The majority of cooks on the list are Leiths-trained, but we are very happy to hear from anyone who can supply a current CV, references and menu-planning showing the style of food they like to cook.

What do I do if I am interested in a job on the Leiths List website?

Either send us an email with the code number for the job(s) or click apply directly from the website which will let us know you are interested. If we already have your CV and we think you are right for the job we will put you forward. If you are contacting us for the first time we will need a current CV, references and menu-planning.

Do I pay a fee if I get a job through Leiths List?

No. We charge the client a fee for the placement. If the client re-engages you in a similar or new capacity you will need to inform us.

Who will pay me?

You will be paid by the client and are responsible for your own terms and conditions of business which you will agree with the client before you start the job.

If I have agreed to do a job can I change my mind?

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you have contracted to undertaking the work.

Do I need insurance?

Yes you do.

What happens if a client cancels a job?

You should have cancellation terms as part of your terms and conditions of business.

Will I be paid for shopping or pre-preparation time?

Yes if you have agreed this with the client in advance. This should be part of your terms and conditions of business.

If I am using my own car on a job can I charge for petrol?

Yes you can. You must let the client know in advance what rate you will be charging (rates are available from, for example, the AA or RAC websites). If you are using your car for running errands/shopping for the client make them aware of your mileage so the end bill isn’t a shock!

Will I have to arrange travel for jobs abroad?

You might have to. Research the routes open to you and inform the client of costs. If you are required to purchase tickets or to hire cars, discuss and secure payment from the client.

Will I be paid for travelling days?

This should be discussed and agreed with the client.

Should I wear chefs whites whilst working?

The majority feel more comfortable wearing clean whites, however white shirt and black trousers with a clean apron would also be acceptable.

How do I get paid for shopping in advance of an engagement?

Agree in advance what is to be bought. Check with the client before making expensive purchases of for example, meat, fish and alcohol. Agree whether payment will be on arrival or with the final invoice. Keep all receipts.