Terms / Terms for commercial clients: short-term or permanent

Notification of Engagement

  1. The client will notify Leiths immediately after the engagement of an applicant introduced by Leiths


2. The fees payable to Leiths from the Client are as follows:

in the case of a fixed-term engagement, a fixed fee depending on the term and nature of the engagement as set out in the schedule of fees.

in the case of a permanent engagement, a percentage of the applicant’s gross salary or fees and other benefits during the first twelve months of his/her engagement as set out in the schedule of fees.

Further fees will be payable for any subsequent engagements of the applicant by the Client and, for example, if a series of engagements is subsequently extended, or if the Client engages the applicant on a different basis.

VAT will be charged in addition to the fees.

The Client will be invoiced immediately after the confirmation of an engagement of an applicant introduced by Leiths.

Invoices are due for payment on receipt and Leiths will be entitled to charge interest on all invoices which remain unpaid at 2% per month calculated daily from the invoice date until payment is received.


7.If a permanent engagement is terminated Leiths will refund fees as follows:

Weeks worked

By applicant

Percentage of total

Fees returned







No refund will be made in respect of temporary or casual engagements; however, if the

applicant is unable to undertake the engagement, Leiths will use reasonable endeavours tofind a replacement. The arrangements in relation to refunds and replacements will not apply unless the fees have been paid by the Client within 14 days of receipt of invoice and the Client notifies Leiths in writing within 7 days of termination of the engagement.


All details supplied by Leiths to the Client are strictly confidential. If a third party engages an applicant following an introduction by the Client, the Client will be responsible for payment of the fees to Leiths.


Leiths will use its reasonable endeavours to identify an applicant to suit the requirements of the Client. However, the Client will be responsible for establishing the suitability of the applicant, taking up references and ascertaining the applicant’s medical and work permit position, if relevant. Subject as otherwise provided by law, Leiths will not be liable for any losses, damages or expenses suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or in any way connected with the introduction by Leiths of an applicant to the Client.


If an applicant is engaged as an employee, the Client will agree the terms of employment ( including pay, duties, hours, holidays and notice period ) with the applicant before the engagement commences and the Client will be responsible for all PAYE and National Insurance deductions on behalf of the applicant.

Schedule of Fees (inclusive of VAT)

Commercial & Business Clients

Temporary position 1 - 4 weeks


Temporary position 5 weeks - 6 months

£168 per month

Regular use of cook


Permanent (full-time or part-time)

12% of annual salary

Specialist Assignments

Consultant, up to 5 days


Recipe Developer, up to 5 days


Food Stylist, per day


Food Stylist assistant, per day


Demonstrator, per day


Demonstration assistant, per day


Fees for other assignments will be as negotiated when Leiths receives the Clients’ brief.